July 7, 2012 Comments

Our reference article on Global Exchange Traded Funds is updated. Many argue that the best investments are to be found in emerging markets. However most emerging market ETFs do not appear to be obvious bargains, although they may be when the growth is considered. For this update the China ETF appeared to be quite attractive. And a number of other countries are attractive as well. Personally I have restricted my investments to Canada and the U.S. in the vast majority of cases although I currently own a very small amount of the Japan ETF and have in the past briefly owned small positions in the UK and, I believe, the Europe ETF.

Markets fell on Friday due to weak job growth.

Walmart was one of the few gainers, up 0.4%.

Research in motion was also a gainer, up 5.2%

On Friday I read an interesting story about a company that offers satellite internet service in rural areas. With their newest satellite just launched they are able to offer high-speed internet at prices comparable to those paid in the City (although there are limits on the amount of usage).

See www.xplornet.com

I really don’t know anything about cell and internet technology but it seems to me that cheap satellite service could one day give cell phone and cable companies a run for their money. Could be a game changer.

But perhaps I don’t need to worry about Shaw Communications too much, I see that they are offering services in partnership with xplornet.

xplornet is a private company out of New Brunswick. It sounds like a nice success story.

Saturday’s Edmonton Journal indicates that home building is still growing in Alberta. I do have orders in to reduce my Melcor holdings at $15.90 and $16.90 but I really not sure I should be selling any.