July 24, 2012 Comments

A weak day in the markets…

Lots of earnings reports coming in to push individual stocks in one direction or the other… Also of course news from Europe. It never ends.

I have tracked my portfolio on Yahoo Finance for something like 15 years now. I way soon try something else. Amazingly enough it does not work nearly as well today as it did 15 years ago. The Yahoo finance page is slow to load and often comes in with errors. At times I can’t even get it to show my portfolio. The news feature used to be great since it showed all the news for every stock in a portfolio on one screen with no need to click each stock. But these days there is so much news on just onebig name like Walmart that it tends to fill up the page with news on the big stocks and so I can miss news on the smaller companies.

Yahoo truly seems to be circling the drain. It’s quite sad when an internet company can’t even manage to have its pages load quickly. And I never did understand the idea of portal pages that years ago were supposed to be big money makers. (most of the old portal pages like America online and Yahoo have faded away. One of the few real money maker I am aware of as a web site is google because it gives you ads for topics you are actually searching on. Facebook, I don’t think holds a candle to the powerful idea of serving up ads on items you are actually searching for at that moment. PayPal is also a great money maker because it takes a cut on transactions and has a leading market share. eBay also is a great model because once nearly all the buyers and sellers got to eBay years ago it was almost impossible to entice them to go elsewhere. Buyers want to be where the sellers are and vice versa.

High traffic is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition to make money on the web.