January 20, 2014 Comments

On Monday the U.S. markets were closed for Martin Luther King day. Toronto was up 0.7%.

I notice Boston Pizza was down 2.0% to $21.00. It’s worth considering for those wanting yield (and it should grow its distribution slowly over the years).

I plan to add Element Financial to the site before too long. This is a case where new management came in and took over a small company and have been growing it aggressively. So far that has paid off quite well. But the thing is that they may be competing mostly on price. And they do not have cost advantages. (certainly not over the big banks). They do however go after a higher interest segment of the lending business. So I don’t know yet if it a good investment at all. One thing I am eager to look at is executive compensation. Also I will be interested to see what the insider trading looks like. In any case studying this company is helping me learn more about the lending business.

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