January 16, 2014 Comments

Today the S&P 500 fell 0.1% while Toronto rose 0.4%

Bombardier common shares fell 7.7% to $4.17. I fist rated Bombardier on this site as a Buy at $12.80 back on November 10, 1999. It subsequently went over $25 in the year 2000 but then soon collapsed and has since struggled to remain over $5.00. It’s sad because it was such a great Canadian success story. It has a wonderful history and makes exciting products. What it struggles most to make is money. It certainly has to be considered a speculative pick if it can be considered a pick at all.

The Bombardier preferred share that I have on this site fell 1.5% to $22.35. This seems like a reasonable investment. I have had an order in for some to buy at $21.80, but that may have been an unrealistically low bid. I may up my bid to about this $22.35 price.

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