January 11, 2015 Comments

On Friday, the S&P 500 was down 0.8% and Toronto was down 0.5%

The U.S. unemployment rate among those in the labor force and actively looking for work is down to 5.6%. Many people will argue that the true rate is far higher. But the thing is that rate topped out at 10.0% in October 2009 and now it is down to 5.6% and it is measured in the same way. People can point to food bank use and a smaller percentage of people in the workforce. But anyway you look at it, a decrease in the unemployment rate from 10.0% to 5.6% is quite a dramatic improvement.

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Those of you who travel east-bound into Edmonton on the Yellowhead highway may have noticed that I have sign on the side of a semi-trailer truck out near Stony Plain. It reads simply IN HUGE LETTERS, Canadian Stock Picks www.investorsfriend.com. (At least that is my recollection, I have not seen it in some time)

I’d be interested to know if that sign was the way that any of you found your way to this site. I’d also be interested if anyone has at least noticed it. Let me know at shawn@investorsfriend.com  I have had that sign on the truck there by the side of that highway for about three years. As far as I know it has not attracted very many visitors to this site. In part that may be because the message is not exactly compelling. (But being compelling can easily slip into making misleading claims about performance)