February 6, 2014 Comments

On Thursday the S&P 500 was up 1.2% and Toronto was up 1.1%.

Almost all of our stock picks were up.

A notable gainer was Liquor Stores N.A., up 4.6% $12.34. I was looking into the report that recommended liquor sales be allowed by grocery stores. One thing I learned is there are over 600 private liquor stores in B.C. and they are about half the market. As I read the report it recommends that grocery stores would have to have separate areas for selling liquor and they would likely have to purchase an existing license. No new licenses were recommended. Overall the decline in the stock price at Liquor Stores N.A. seems over done. That is not to say that Liquor Stores is without risk.

On Friday morning the big news should be the jobs reports.

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