February 24, 2013 Comments

Canadian Tire is updated and rated (lower) Strong Buy at $68.65. There are risks with any investment and I would urge subscribers to read the report. Subscribers may wish to place more emphasis on the risk posed by Target and a more competitive retail market. For a wide variety of reasons I conclude that it is likely, but certainly not guaranteed, to be a good investment.

My personal portfolio is updated. My cash component is lower than the last update due to some buying and due to withdrawing some cash from my non-registered account.

Markets were up strongly on Friday.

It’s been interesting to see the Canadian dollar fall to 98 cents. Ever since the Canadian dollar soared some years ago I have felt that the risk had been more to the downside than the up side. At this point I have no strong feeling at all as to whether it will rise or fall. There is actually no reason why our currency should trade at par with the American dollar although it does make it easier to compare prices across the border. My approach has been to move a certain amount of money into U.S. dollars and leave it there.


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