February 18, 2014 Comments

On Tuesday the S&P 500 was up 0.1% and Toronto was up 0.1%.

I’m not sure it was a wise move but I did buy some Bombardier as a speculative pick at $3.60 today (before it fell another 2.2%). I don’t expect any quick turn around here since the next earnings will not come out for about three months. I suppose there could be good news in terms of plane orders or cost cutting, but things could also get worse before they get better. I had understood that Warren Buffett’s Net Jets had placed a very large order in the past year but this did not seem to be mentioned in the annual report. It may be a bit awkward for Bombardier to talk about that since it owned a competitor operation to Net Jets called Flexjet which it just sold and the buyer has placed a very large order and so Bombardier has to be careful not to offend either of these two. I have said before that Buffett would like the products that Bombardier makes but I doubt he would invest in the company given its low profit margins. To the extent that Bombardier is dependent on the kindness of governments I don’t think Buffett would like that at all. And I don’t really think it has the management quality that Buffett would demand.