August 14, 2012 Comments

Wal-Mart was up 0.8% today to $74.01. That puts this company up 23.8% this year to date. For a number of years I Have been explaining that the fact that Wal-Mart was trading under it previous high of about $70 from 1999 was not any fault of Wal-Mart’s. Wal-Mart did its job and increased earnings year after year. Stupid investors had bid the stock to ridiculous levels in 1999.

Wal-Mart is up 58% since I first added it to this site as a Buy in 2006. It’s also up close to 50% from recent lows just under $50 in August a year ago and under $50 in July 2010 and in much of 2009. The point is sometimes significant gains can come from the most boring companies.