April 20, 2014 Comments

Constellation Software is updated and rated (lower) Buy at $265. This has been a wonderful investment. It is up some 369% since we first rated it (lower) Strong Buy in February 2011. (Admittedly our analysis and following my own actions would have not have led to holding that whole time.) The price history on Yahoo finance goes back to late 2007 and shows a price just under $25. Viewed on the longer term, there were very few material price drops over the years. It’s been a relatively steady gainer. If there is such a thing in Canada as a “Buffett of the North”, it is Mark Leonard the CEO of Constellation.

Unfortunately the shares are not cheap. It could continue to be a strong investment if its abnormally high growth continues. When a more prudent level of forecast growth is applied it looks expensive. But at least anyone holding it has hitched their fate to exceptionally good management.

Regrettably, I have sold all my shares in this company, most of them far too early.