April 16, 2014 Comments

On Wednesday the S&P 500 and Toronto were both up 1.0%

Most stocks were up. Bank of America was down 1.6% on disappointing earnings. Earlier int he day it was down at least 2.5%. I plan to update the report on Bank of America in a few days and I expect it will continue to be rated speculative (higher) buy. At some point its litigation expenses dating back to the financial crisis will be behind it and should move forward as an earnings engine much like other banks except it will be cheaper in relation to book value.

Liquor Stores N.A. announced it will spit another of its regular 9 cent monthly dividends payable in May to shareholders of record on April 30. This is as expected, they have expressed that they wish to maintain the dividend but we should realize a cut is always possible. The March dividend of 9 cents came into my account today as scheduled.

Melcor is selling two building to Melcor REIT. Melcor REIT is issuing new shares (units, that is) to pay for the buildings (will also use some debt). Melcor is allowing its ownership of the REIT to drop to about 48%. The buildings are already marked to market and therefore there is likely no material gain on the sale. But it frees up Melcor’s cash for other purposes. I suspect this is positive for both the REIT and for Melcor. It was always the plan for Meloor REIT to buy additional buildings from Melcor.

American Express posted a 12% earnings gain after the close. Perhaps about as expected, shared down slightly in the oxymoronically-named “after-hours” trading session.

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