April 15, 2012 Comments

Markets were down noticeably on Friday. My level of concern about this is approximately zero. Yes, markets could fall further, that is always the case. But at the end of the day it is a distraction to the larger picture which is that I am confident of growing my wealth through investing over the years.

Wells Fargo is updated and rated (higher) Buy at $32.84. This is my largest holding and I am quite comfortable holding it. I expect but certainly can’t guarantee good returns from this company.

Wells Fargo is up 27% since we rated it a Strong Buy at $25.86 on October 18. Of course you might also point out that it declined 11% in 2011 and we had rated it Speculative (higher) Buy that year.

Shaw Communications earnings were somewhat disappointing and the stock fell. I have not updated the rating. It’s alue hinges on how competitive the future is going to be.