April 10, 2014 Comments

The Good Times Stop Rolling (at least for a day)

On Thursday, the S&P 500 fell 2.1% and Toronto fell 0.9%.

Most of the stocks I watch were down. Notably Visa down 2.9% to $201.55. Possibly it’s chance to buy but I am not keen on it. American Express was down 3.8% to $85.36. I hold a small position and am tempted to add to it t this price. Bank of America was down 3.0% to $16.12 which is attractive based on our last update. Bank of America just had another “settlement” where it had to pay out close to a billion dollars. certainly these payouts are annoying but presumably all that nonsense will soon be behind them. It will report earnings on Wednesday next week.

Wells Fargo will report earnings tomorrow.

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