CRH Medical updated March 8, 2018

CRH Medical is updated and rated Speculative Weak Buy / Hold at U.S. $3.15 or Canadian $4.07. Basically I would not buy at this price. This has been a disappointing investment over the past 17 months since it was first added to the site. After an initial sharp increase in price it plummeted over a period of months due to changes in the amounts it could bill for its services. It became a good buying opportunity this past Fall and we rated it Speculative (lower) Strong Buy at U.S. $1.85 or CAN $2.37. It certainly looked cheap then but it took a certain amount of bravery to buy it after its big decline in price. I had bought additional shares at low prices but the fact that I already had a lot of shares at higher prices meant that I was not prepared to add too many more dollars. I have now sold what amounted to 44% of my shares and I think that was prudent. Those with larger positions might want to lighten up. It may still haveĀ  a good future but its profitability in 2018 remains to be seen.