CRH Medical Corporation is added to the site October 9, 2016

CRH Medical Corporation is added to our list as a Speculative Buy at U.S. $4.32 or Canadian $5.72. Technically, it is a Canadian company. In substance, it should be thought of by investors as a U.S. company since it earnings all of its revenues in the U.S. and incurs the great majority of its expenses there as well. It reports in U.S. dollars and our analysis is in U.S. dollars.

It is a small medical company. Until December of 2014 it was focused on distributing its patented single-use disposable hemorrhoid banding system. At that time it greatly increased its size and scope by issuing shares and debt to make a very large transformative acquisition to enter the somewhat related field of providing endoscopic anesthetic services. With seven additional smaller acquisitions since then, it now appears to be a growth-by-acquisition company. This appears to be a profitable business. Those buying should perhaps make only a relatively smaller purchase. Be prepared for volatility. The company could issue additional shares which would likely push down the price. But over time the share price will likely rise.