Canadian ETF list and report updated March 9, 2017

Our Canadian Exchange Traded Funds list is updated to show the latest P/E ratios, yield and P/B ratios.

ETFs can be a quick way to get into or out of the market or a particular segment of the market. And many people use them as permanent parts of their portfolios as well.

I have not tried to cover all the ETFs in Canada by any means but there is a good selection here covering the various equity segments (including higher yield equities) as well as the bond segments, and also Gold, Silver , Oil and Natural Gas as commodities.

In my completely biased opinion this is by far the best Canadian ETF list around. The Globe and Mail publishes ETF lists several times a year. But for the equity ETFs they never include the P/E ratios. So basically they have nothing on the valuation of the equity ETFs. Instead they show you the past PRICE performance. I certainly view past EARNINGS performance as relevant. But, as Buffett has said, buying an investment simply because its PRICE has gone UP is about the silliest reason ever. So the point is, my article focuses heavily on the valuation of the ETFs and not the past price behavior (though I do give links where you can see that as well).

My list is chock full of links so that you can explore the ETFs in more detail if you wish and so that you can get updated valuation ratios at any time in the future.

This ETF reference article is not restricted to paid subscribers. However, I don’t make it that obvious how those on the free list can find it. I was thinking of sending it out to the free list but I am not sure I will.

At this time the financial segment ETF appears to be reasonably attractive but for the most part the equity ETFs do not seem very attractive in terms of their value ratios and the bond ETFs certainly do not seem attractive. (I won’t venture an opinion on whether Gold, Silver, Oil or Natural Gas are likely to head up or down. I basically have nothing to go on regarding that.)