Bombardier Stock Report Updated

Bombardier is updated and rated highly speculative (lower) Buy at $1.42.

Clearly, this has not been a good investment for many years.

I added it back to this site on September 23, 2012 rated Speculative Buy at $3.71. It’s down 62% since then. I had noted that it had many problems but it nevertheless looked like a reasonable speculative pick.

Prior to that it was also added back to the list on June 14, 2010 as a Speculative Buy at $4.62 and removed at the end of 2011 at $4.06

It was first featured on this site back in our earliest days in the Fall of 1999 rated Buy at $12.80 for the multiple voting A shares. It actually rose to $23.10 by December 1, 2000 and we rated it Weak Buy/ Hold at that point. By December 1, 2001 it was down to $13.95 and we rated it Speculative Weak Buy. It cratered to $5.72 by the end of 2002 and we removed it from the list. It was then absent from the list until 2010. It is down 92% since we first looked at it in 1999. Truly an abysmal record.

Bombardier remains an extremely poorly managed company. One that is anything but on its game. One that now focuses on mere survival.

It should only be considered for those looking for a highly speculative stock. Now that it has dumped out a tremendous amount of bad news, it may actually have some positive news to report in the next nine months or so. Customers may now be more willing to place an order for a plane since it seems more clear now that the Quebec government is not going to let the company fold up operations or anything of that sort. (It’s not certain however that the government would not be willing to let the shares go to zero. It’s employees that the government cares about, not share owners.)