Beware the email scams

I am a day late to talk about tricks, but watch out for the following one:

I am getting emails purportedly from Canada Revenue with an interact transfer of a refund owing to me.

It might be easy to fall for it in a weak moment if you are expecting a refund. And anyone in particular need of money will be more vulnerable, I suspect.

I think most or all of you would agree that Canada Revenue would never send money by an interac transfer. They use direct deposit or cheque (though they are trying to phase out sending cheques).

This is one of the more legitimate looking emails scams. Be careful. We are all vulnerable in a weak moment when perhaps we were fully expecting to receive money from an organization and there it seems to be.

One little tip is to hover your curser over the “link” they provide. The actual link is usually different than what the text shows or the first part of the link is legitimate but then the end part is suspect and not the real organization, whether Canada Revenue or others.

Overall, I have been on the internet about 20 years and never been scammed but we all need to be careful as the bad guys get trickier.