August 4, 2016

On Thursday, the S&P 500 was about unchanged whil;e . Toronto was up 0.1%.

Canadian Tire rose 4.4% on a strong earnings report.

After the close, Liquor Stores N.A. reported what looks to me like weak results but which they describe as strong.

Also after the close, AutoCanada reported what appeared to me to be decent results.

Stantec declined 6.8% after reporting earnings this morning. I remain confident in this company and I added to my position today. The stock may move in one direction or the other tomorrow as analysts further digest the results including what they learn on the conference call that occurred after the close today.

Most of the preferred shares on our list rose today.

The Canadian Western Bank rate reset preferred share on our list closed at $17.91. Our most recent rating was (higher) Buy at $16.61.

I have a capital gain of 7% on this investment in addition to having earned about a similar amount in dividends. I may sell some or all of this position to raise cash and eliminate my small amount of borrowing. But I continue to see these shares as a decent investment.