April 25, 2018

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 and Toronto were each up 0.2%.

CN Rail was up 2.4%. I am in the process of updating the report for CN.

Toll Brothers was up 2.5%.

AutoCanada rebounded 7.8%.

Ceapro bounced up 9.1%.

My small position in VISA got sold on Monday at it bounced up to my sell order price at $124.90. That looked like a good trade as the stock closed at $121.21 today. But then it bounded up after hours to $124.75 after hours based on a strong earnings report. So, it may not have been wise to sell such a strong company. But I had put in a few orders to take advantage of volatility and also in the case of Visa to clear out what was a small position.

I was sitting on some DLR (see earlier discussions) and planning to sell if and as the Canadian dollar weakened. So I sold some of that today as the Canadian dollar has weakened.

If you have cash in your brokerage account note that you can earn about 1.1% by putting it into a money market fund or 1.57% for U.S. cash (based on TD Direct’s rate). This is worth doing especially for larger dollar amounts since you can still access the money instantly to buy stocks if you wish.  The increases in interest rates are starting to add up.