April 21, 2018

On Friday, the S&P 500 was down 0.85% while Toronto was up 0.2%.

WSP Global was up another 2.0%.

Penny stock Ceapro was down 6.1% after releasing earnings. Earnings for 2017 were weak but that situation had developed for at least a year and is not a surprise. This company is something of a lottery ticket as its future depends on the outcome of its research efforts. Hopefully it can sort of tread water and at least make enough money to keep going fr several years since it will likely take a few years before anything much comes out of its research efforts. The profit on its existing products was higher when I first added it to the the site and this company has been a disappointment so far.

Trump has come out and accused OPEC of artificially inflating oil prices. In fact he is 100% correct on that. The North American financial press seems to have forgotten a long time ago that OPEC exists to collude and push up oil prices. Back in the 1970’s most Canadians, as I recall, shook our fists at the evil OPEC as it caused oil and therefore gasoline and home heating fuel to soar. Perhaps Albertans cheered from the outset (Until Pierre Trudeau canceled the party with the National Energy Program). I realize that many or most Albertans and investors (I am now both) benefit nicely from high oil prices. But I am also honest enough to see that the benefit comes partly or perhaps greatly from OPEC which is engaging in collusion that in North America would be illegal. Alberta would never admit it, but OPEC has been the greatest of friends to Alberta.