April 11, 2018

Sometimes it feels like the U.S. market is taking turns, one day up and one day down. Yesterday was up, today was down somewhat.

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 was down 0.55% while Toronto was about unchanged.

There were no particularly notable moves in the stocks on our list.

Oil (West Texas) is up to $66.75 on concerns about Middle East instability. This may be temporary but still is a positive for the western Canadian economy.

It is remarkable that the market reacted quite calmly to President’s Trump’s promise to fire missiles at Syria in defiance of Russian warnings about that. The market generally seems to hope that some of Trump’s scariest pronouncements are more bluster than substance.

As disclosed, I have added to a number of positions as prices fell in the past few months. Today I entered a few orders to pare back some U.S. stocks if their prices rise about 5 to 10%. This for Toll Brothers, Visa and Bank of America.