A Personal Advertisement

Every once in a long while I will take the liberty of posting a personal advertisement here. And today’s the day.

I have a son who just graduated in Geology from St. FX University in Nova Scotia. He was a good student and (probably more importantly) does very well in the people skills department.  In April he was awarded the Professor D.J. MacNeil Memorial Award which goes to the graduating student whose overall performance at the university indicates a promising career in the earth sciences. He has a strong resume, well rounded in academics, sports and life skills.

So, if anyone is looking to hire a Geology / earth sciences graduate email me at shawn@investorsfriend.com to obtain his resume.

He is spending the summer as a golf caddy at Cabot Links / Cabot Cliffs in Inverness Cape Breton. If any of you happen to be golfing there over the summer you now know who to ask for as a caddy. Caddies are mandatory at this course.

End of personal advertisement. Now back to regular programming.